Atmosphere is the operative word for this debut album from Boston “dream pop” duo, Pale Hands.  Comprised of singer Jen Johnson and husband/musical partner Mike Latulippe, these nine songs are mellow, groove-y and have that soundtrack feel but is very warm and embracing.  Spirit Lines is a quality antidote for chilly and dark autumn evenings.

Starting with “Locusts”, Johnson’s silky vocals work perfectly with the melody and electronic drum patterns; the chorus has a nice hook and is a good introduction.  “Tied Up” has an ’80’s synth (that word will be used, yes) ballad body and a visual feel – you can almost imagine a futuristic carousel; “Seismic” has well-balanced time shifts and deliciously crisp harmonies on the chorus.  “Fanatic” is slower, but catchy as all get-out; “Under/Over” is the album’s standout – big, bold and Jen Johnson’s vocals are filled with an emotion that leaps out of the speakers.

All in all, I like it.  A lot.  It has boldness, terrific production and songs that are filled with color and life.  An excellent start for Pale Hands, no doubt.





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