(Note: As a show of solidarity with his teutonic brethren, Anthony Hansen translated his original review into German and then back again. We hope you enjoy his unique, if undeniably misguided approach. The original draft of the review will follow.)

Although one can accuse Rammstein of its easily not possibly to take seriously could it their saving beauty of also be. Has each possible volume, which has those cojones not to begin to their album with first but the second song, which marks a group singing of its own name any, an excellent direction of irony or the self-confidence gold fish. I decide to believe the former.

If it aren’t already bent toward to Rammstein’s over point mixture of the epischen, expanded keyboards, changing stripped and the roared vocals and the strong wall of the distorted metal guitar and – ramming trommelt, this album won’ T-influence (sic)Á‚ your opinion. However find with an inclination toward to this kind of the high-quality cheese much, in order to enjoy here. Not there’s not much deviation of the formula. It’s Rammstein. It don’ You do t-purchase, which a AC/DC album, which expects a bundle of the prince, covers?

This said, there is the feeling that the joke carries thinly that the band’ s-stilistische stamps begin to believe like a straitjacket. As usual that the most memorable song is one, English-sung novelty number called to explain Pussy? Seriously you hear simply to this thing. If that’s a novelty song then my brows are not ear worms. It’s also the most binding song on the album by any distance.

This is not to suggest that the complete album distortion durchnÁƒ¤ÁƒÅ¸te as wallpaper plays. BÁƒ¼ckstabÁƒ¼ e.g. has an easy Schlurfenschlag and slithery, half-whispered Gejammer of a vernehmbaren to differentiate to it. (I really don’t understand what just happened here. Did your translator get tired or something? – Ed.) (In all likelihood, he just fed it through Babelfish and used the money I gave him to fuel another one of his sick rave parties, the fucker. – Anthony)Á‚ Most stylistic detours are, although and possibly it’ small; s for the best. Rammstein obviously understand their place in the music world and of the clay/tone of things, they’ Restille, which has loads of the fun with their.

(What follows is Anthony’s original review, for those who are curious.)

Though one can easily accuse Rammstein of being impossible to take seriously, it might also be their saving grace. Any band that has the cojones to start their album with not the first, but the second song featuring a group chant of their own name either has an excellent sense of irony or the self-awareness of a goldfish. I choose to believe the former.

If you aren’t already inclined towards Rammstein’s over-the-top mix of epic, sweeping keyboards, alternately barked and bellowed vocals and thick wall of distorted metal guitar and pounding drums, this album won’t sway your opinion. However, those with an inclination towards this sort of high-grade cheese will find much to enjoy here. No, there’s not much deviation from the formula. It’s Rammstein. You don’t buy an AC/DC album expecting a bunch of Prince covers, do you?

That said, there is the nagging feeling that the joke is wearing thin, that the band’s stylistic hallmarks are starting to feel like a straitjacket. How else to explain that the most memorable song is an English-sung novelty number entitled “Pussy”? Seriously, just listen to this thing. If that’s not a novelty song then my eyebrows are earwigs. It’s also the catchiest song on the album by some distance.

This is not to suggest that the whole album plays like distortion-drenched wallpaper. BÁƒ¼ckstabÁƒ¼, for example, has a sleazy shuffle beat and a slithery, half-whispered whine of a vocal to distinguish it. Most of the stylistic detours are minor, though, and perhaps it’s for the best. Rammstein clearly understand their place in the music world, and from the sound of things, they’re still having loads of fun with it.

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