If there’s one way to get me to at least give your record a quick check, it’s to name your band something retarded like We Butter the Bread with Butter. Of course, stupid names like this can go either way;  it can either mean that you are totally creative and came up with this really unique moniker and music or (and in most cases) you spent way too much time coming up with a band name and forgot you needed to write some songs too. We Butter the Bread with Butter falls somewhat in both categories.

WBTBWB are billed as Electronic Deathcore, combining elements of death and grindcore with keys and programmed strings to create a sound that is part brutal, part power metal and sometimes even part dance pop.

With six tracks under three minutes and none even reaching the four-minute mark, they pack a powerful punch into a short blasts. The duo is from Germany and all the lyrics and titles are in German so I have no idea what the songs are about — but then again, I can’t understand death growls anyway. If I was listening to death and grindcore for the lyrical content I would absolutely hate this shit. Wikipedia claims that their 2008 debut was all covers of nursery rhymes. It could be the case here too — who the fuck knows? — but that would be kind of funny, I have to admit.

What I do know is what while not bad, there aren’t that many new ideas on this album. ”SuperfÁ¶hn Bananendate” sounds exactly like something Mindless Self Indulgence would put out and I swear ”Oh Mama Mach Kartoffelsalat” is simply Muse’s ”Uprising” with death metal vocals. Then there’s ”Der Kleine Vampir” which could be a Killers song and maybe the most dancey deathcore track I’ve ever heard. It has its moments, like ”Das Ende,” which is a challenging song with time changes and strings passages, but it needs a few more of those to stand out from the crowd.

Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging (Online translation says: The Day the World Sank) should appeal to both Deathcore fans and those in the Dillinger Escape Plan camp, but outside of that, I doubt this will attract many people.

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