Release: Jorn, Bring Heavy Rock to the Land
Label: Frontiers
Release: June 5, 2012

Sometimes it’s very easy to see why the U.S. tends to be way behind the rest of the world in quality metal releases. These ain’t the days when Florida was the death metal capitol. Eight out of 10 bands seem to be metalcore these days, with pretentious douchebags screaming some bullshit because the some high-school chick might blow him after a show. Artists like Jorn Lande on the other hand, have absolutely no shot at ever breaking it big in the states. He’s just too good.

There was a point way back when I said I wouldn’t review any power metal unless the group had at least eight albums under their belt because it seemed like everything with less than that in their catalog sounded completely the same in such a watered down genre of music. This is Jorn’s ninth album so they qualify but even if this was their second record, I’d have to make the exception as Lande commands the respect that he’s earned.

Unless the survey was being done in his homeland of Norway, no list of the greatest metal vocalists of all time is going to include Lande in it and that’s a shame because he stacks up against almost anyone. He has to be one of the top ten metal singers of all time though he hasn’t got anywhere close to the recognition of the Rob Halfords and Ronnie James Dios of the world.

Jorn the group is like U.D.O. the group in the sense that while not every album is exactly the same, you get a very similar vibe all the time. The biggest difference is that Jorn recordings are consistently great and Bring Heavy Rock To the Land is not only consistent but their best record. He may change his band quite often but the sound is the same – over the top heavy metal that is simply fist-pumping and heart pounding. Use “Chains Around You” as the example for that, as the main riff in the song is a blistering rock and roll masterpiece. And the title track is an absolute epic beast that could go down at the best song Jorn has recorded. If you aren’t familiar with the group, the closing track pretty much tells it all, “I Came To Rock.” And as a dude that loves ’80s music, I have to tell you that the cover of Christopher Cross’s “Ride Like the Wind” is flat out amazing.

2012 started out with some fantastic music but April and May were not too kind. I’m happy to say that for the first time in a long while I’m able to add another record to my potential best of 2012 list.

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