On New Year’s Eve 1979, Cheap Trick, riding a crest of massive international success via the multi-platinum At Budokan record (and the newly released Dream Police), came to L.A.’s Forum arena and rocked it to the foundation.

Anyone who’d had any suspicions that the intensity of At Budokan was somehow manufactured could have tuned in to KLOS and heard for themselves that Cheap Trick was, indeed, the real deal.Listening to these tracks more than 25 years later, my jaw dropped just like it did back in the day.

There have been thousands of bands since, but very few bring the rock like Cheap Trick did in ’79, much less today. While their studio output has slowed, and the quality is certainly arguable, they continue to be a dependably raucous live act.

California Man
I’ll Be With You Tonight
Stiff Competition

We’ll continue to post more tracks from this classic Trick concert throughout the week (and thanks to my buddy Ginch for the tunes).

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