Meet The Boy:

As of a few weeks ago, he and his mom are living with us, and since my eating habits tend to mirror those of a six-year-old boy’s (whatever the nice lady in the kitchen makes for me, plus the stuff I manage to grab off the shelves in the grocery store when she isn’t looking), I thought the Gross-Offs could benefit from the input of an actual boy who is six.

Along those lines, prepare for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Week here at jefitoblog. Today through Thursday, The Boy and I will be sampling the latest in lunch flavors from everyone’s favorite vaguely Italian canned crap peddler. Said flavors include “Cheesy Nacho Twistaroni,” “Cheesy Burger Raviolini,” and some kind of “chili cheese dog” pasta whose name I can’t remember. Don’t worry, I won’t be plugging the kid’s innards full of this garbage; he’ll only be getting enough to give you all his informed opinion. If it works out, and his mother doesn’t kill me, maybe this will turn into a regular feature.

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