I received the following info from the good folks at World’s Fair recently, and thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t pass it along:

Ruby Blue, the debut solo album by Irish songstress Roisin Murphy, is a rare gem of eclectic, electric, soul jazz, redrawing the boundaries of pop from an eccentric, erotic and brave feminine perspective. The album is a playful collaboration with electronica pioneer Matthew Herbert, whose mischievous production work intertwines intricately with Murphy’s sultry, sassy voice, elevating her elegant songwriting to even higher levels of sonic ecstasy. Released last year in the UK to much acclaim, the album has finally been scheduled for a full commercial release in the US, this Spring. American audiences have already been presented the album’s title track, “Ruby Blue”, which was featured in the soundtrack to the debut season of hit ABC TV series, Grey’s Anatomy.

: Ruby Blue seems perfect, the ultimate combination of human warmth and technological know-how. Á¢€” Pitchfork

: a delirious adventure in expressionist pop fantasy that belongs in the Kate Bush / Björk tradition of maverick. Á¢€” The Guardian

: some rare musical charisma. Á¢€” DJ Pete Tong

: although there’s zero chance of [Ruby Blue] soundtracking Ibiza in the same way, that’s ultimately the island’s loss. BBC Collective

Murphy began her career with internationally-renown Sheffield (UK) dance-pop duo Moloko, closely associated with the city’s groundbreaking trip hop scene in the ’90s. Murphy met Herbert back in 1996 when he did his first of many remixes for Moloko. Ruby Blue is the first time the revered super-producer Herbert has produced an album for another artist, aside from his wife Dani Siciliano. In the first recording session for this album, Herbert had Murphy slam her notebook of ideas against the microphone to create the first beat. Ruby Blue is an odd, yet ultimately triumphant, pop record; as fresh, inventive and downright exciting as anything Roisin has ever put her name to.

Listen to 2 hot picks from Ruby Blue and check out their videos too at the following links:

Sow Into You
Audio: Stream
Video: High | Med | Low

If We’re In Love
Audio: Stream
Video: High| Med

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