There’s been a lot of chatter around the Popdose water cooler about the new Coldplay record, Ghost Stories. Suckfest? Giant whiny suckfest? I personally like the record, I don’t love it, but it sets the right mood when I want a mellow hello.

A brighter shade of grey comes in the form of ‘And So She Runs’ by Benbrick — out today (May 28th) digitally on iTunes and Amazon. Benbrick is the brainchild of London singer/producer Paul Carter. He built some steam in Japan, selling more than 500,000 copies of a soundtrack single, and is fit to take on the world. ‘And So She Goes’ is absolutely gorgeous — simple and beautiful — mixed by Goetz Botzenhardt (Faithless, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes). It speaks for itself, so I’ll shut up.

In addition to the single, Benbrick’s EP, Closer | Closure, is available direct from the source. Check out lead-single, ‘Forever Holding On’ (also available on Amazon):

If you like Sam Smith, Royksopp or just want Chris Martin to shut the fuck up, this is the single for you. But as I said, I like the Coldplay record, so I’ll take em both, thank you very much.

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