Well, Malchus has an actual excuse for the tardiness of this week’s podcast. He was in Arizona visiting the parental units (that’s an ’80s phrase, in case you were wondering). The rush to get the podcast done is his only excuse for the lamest geography statement in recent history. New England a state? C’mon, dude, you took AP History once upon a time.

Anyway, this week’s episode of The Americans was full of tension and questions of loyalty. While sad sack Stan starts to feel pressure from all sides, Phillip has longings for his homeland. And Elizabeth, well, she’s starting to unravel. In other words, it was another great episode.

Listen before you watch the newest episode, or listen just because you like two guys b.s.’ing and trying to outdo each other with the titles of songs from the early ’80s.  Until next week, do svidaniya.

Comrades, Episode 7, “Behind the Red Door”

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