It has been eleven years since the last Daniel Amos (DA) album Mr. Buechner’s Dream came out. Since then, lead singer/songwriter Terry Taylor has been a member of the group The Lost Dogs and has contributed soundtrack music to the Neverhood series of video games as well as the television shows Catscratch and Project Geeker. Bassist Tim Chandler has been a primary performer with The Lost Dogs and the main bassman for The Choir. Guitarist Greg Flesch has been integral with his NASA dayjob to the Curiosity project, with the rover having lived past its “seven minutes of terror” to begin exploring the surface of Mars this very week. Drummer Ed McTaggart has been busy being the best Ed he could be.

But the day of reckoning has drawn nigh.

On August 7 the band announced their Kickstarter campaign, to run through the month of August to, in the words of the principals, “get DA’s butts back into the studio.” As you may be aware of, Kickstarter has become the leading independent project funding portal on the internet, so it was only a matter of time before Daniel Amos would be taking them up on the offer. Now it’s your turn.

Visit the official campaign page today and make your pledge, from a $10 digital download all the way up to the $10,000 personal concert voucher, with a lot of more-affordable options in-between. The goal is $12,000 by September 6, so support independent artists by contributing to the cause. The estimated date for “product delivery” is December, 2012.

Visit DA’s Kickstarter page where they do not spare the gory details:

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