The South Texas band Hacienda was formed by cousins Abraham Villanueva (piano/vocals) and Dante Schwebel (guitar/vocals) together with Abraham’s brothers Jaime (drums/vocals) and Rene Villanueva (bass/vocals). To date, the south Texas quartet has released two albums to widespread acclaim. Their new album, Shakedown, was produced by the ubiquitous Dan Auerbach (of Black Keys fame) and has been out for just about a month now.

While preparing for their latest tour with The Duke Spirit, the guys took a sec to give us their Desert Island Discs! Check ’em out.

Night Beat (Sam Cooke)

Even if i didn’t have the physical record with me, I carry this album everywhere I go. I know it front to back. The sound of the record is a whole world, an experience to dwell into. It is a record for last night, and the songs haunt you through the next day. Sam Cookesings on this record, every note an expression and he crafts each one into a phrase to carry you through the songs. The arrangements are sparse but insanely effective and never repetitive, even in blues standards. This is the type of record artists aspire to make but few have the talent to deliver.

The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me (Johnny Cash)

I cant go long without wanting to hear Johnny Cash sing, and when I’m on a walk I usually have one of these songs in my head, so I can’t imagine I would escape anywhere without this record. It’s the style of the American Troubadour. It’s the stories of us, and of now. Even from then. Lines written in the faces of neighbors. It’s hard for me not to think of people when I hear it. The songs are as vivid, and experienced as the players. It’s not the fire of youth but also not the dying glow recounting of old age, it’s a record with miles and knowing: That makes it so beautiful.

Wild Is The Wind (Nina Simone)

Sometimes I wonder about the direction I’m headed, doubt and suffering, we all wear those like heavy cloaks. Thinking we protect ourselves with them, but they only weigh us down. To me this record helps us to wear our pains, and by the end hopefully begin to shed them. Nina is more than a performer she is a sculptor of sound, she controls the songs, but they also fill her shape and become her. Wasn’t Lilac Wine suppose to be this way? (Jeff Buckley makes you feel the same) How else could What More Can I Say be? There is no other version of Four Women that would be worth a damn. This is a profound record for me: mysterious, not a spelled out statement nor a concept, but Alive.

Hold Me Tight (Johnny Nash)

There are records that speak of profound troubles, problems with the world, hurt, and then there are records, equally as important, that speak of love and forgiveness, the beauty of life, and the enjoyment of it. Johnny Nash made a perfect record of that second kind. It is medicinal, makes you feel good, but deeper than just bubble gum pop. A friend reaching out a hand, beyond him is a sunshine, a waterfall and a smile. You can see it on the cover. As Johnny invites you “just put your hand in mine, and leave all your troubles behind,” that peaceful feeling drips from this record like the bursting of summer fruit. I love the sound. I love the creativity. I love the feeling. I proudly confess the sunshine bliss that permeatesHacienda records is a reflection of Johnny Nash.

From Nowhere (The Troggs)

I was thinking about bringing out something modern with me, but truth be told, I would rather listen to The Troggs all day. What better music to accompany an escape then The Troggs? The record sounds so good. It is cool. It is swagger. It is simplicity. I Just Sing  could have been written about me, but that’s how everyone feels , that’s probably why it is so wonderful. All the best parts of garage rock condensed into one LP. The music of The Troggs keeps bands like us wanting to do what we do, and will probably keep spawning new ones long after the world says enough. “The More I Have The More I Want.”

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