Comprised of vocalist Dirty, bassist Bear, Yoshii and Nig on guitar, and Paiste on drums, the members of Neurotic November come from all walks of life and value free-thinking and open-mindedness above all else.

The Florida-based metal band recently released their debut album, Annunaki, and their lead vocalist Dirty (Dee Dee) stopped by with his five Desert Island Discs.

Camp (Childish Gambino)

I know what you thinking and NO I don’t love it because he talks about is Asian women, even though that does help. I love it  because I feel when he’s rapping it’s about me and my life. I was that black kid that that everyone said acted “white” and weird. This album really helped me feel proud of who I am and have become.

(Self Titled) As Tall As Lions

I’m a sappy kid, so this album speaks to me because it’s so romantic and so depressing at the same time. This album really shows me the roller coaster of love. When it’s good, it’s GREAT, and when it’s not, it’s so, so sad. If you have time and believe in love then I strongly suggest you check this album out.

Cover Your Tracks Bury Your Dead

Those songs about women. How I love them so much. I guess I can feel his pain – I’m pretty sure we all can relate to loving someone and it not turning out well. It’s probably the sap in me again. Pretty much if it’s sad and about a girl, I can totally get into it. And that’s basically this whole album.

Testimony India Arie

Thank god for iPods because if we were still using walk-men’s I’d have to carry this CD everywhere. This album really speaks to me about loving humanity and loving yourself, about how having dreads is beautiful about how being black is beautiful. This album is honestly so beautiful, I love every word. It really got me through my high school experience.

Throw Up Your Hands For One Night Stands Freshman 15

Despite what you may think because of the title, most of the songs are about loving a girl. I’ve literally felt everything they sing about. They wrote about loving a friend who had a evil boyfriend, which I can absolutely relate to. But really, check this album out. It’s amazing pop punk with some really feel-good songs about love.

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