California rock/reggae/hip-hop hybrid Slightly Stoopid have just released Top of the World, their first album in four years. The band’s latest effort contains guest appearances from a variety of performers, including G. Love, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Fishbone’s Angela Moore, and reggae superstar Barrington Levy. They’re also in the process of completing a summer tour with 311 before heading out on a trek of their own this fall.

In between tour dates, saxophone player Dan Delacruz (AKA DeLa,) and drummer Ryan Moran (AKA RyMo) pondered the possibility of being stuck on a desert island and came up with these five titles (each!)  they’d want to be stuck on that island with. As you can see, their list of favorite music is as diverse as the music their band plays.

DeLa’s picks:

Bob Marley and the Wailers Talkin’ Blues

Recorded from 1973-1975 and released in 91, this album encompasses much of what reggae means to me. Featuring Peter Tosh and some great interview footage with Bob himself, this album gives you the roots.

Plain and simple.

John Coltrane Giant Steps

This album immortalized John Coltrane and defined his sound. Released in 1960, this album shattered all ideas of conventional harmony and marked the beginning of a new way to hear and think about improvisation.

Donny Hathaway Extension of a Man

In my opinion one of the greatest soul singers ever, In this 1973 release he combines a depth of songwriting with a serious spiritual message. I love the intricacies of the arrangements that seemingly sound effortless. You feel his pain and his joy , happiness and sorrow from beginning to end on this record.

Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet

This album is the shit!!!  In 1990,  PE changed the game forever. Not talking about this party or that new car or whatever, but tackling serious social issues and attacking all stereotypes. This is the kind of rap album I need with me on this island, the real deal.

Tower of Power Live & in Living Color

This album from 1976 is the culmination of the original line up of the meanest funk band of all time.  The highlight being a nearly 8 minute tenor solo by the current leader of the Saturday night live band, Lenny Pickett. Live recordings always show you what kind of players a band has and this is no exception. They don’t miss a beat.

RyMo’s picks:

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy

… or any zep record.  amazing music and musicianship.  John Bonham made me want to start playing drums.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik

A classic record with no filler, all great songs.

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

… or any Beatles record.  innovation, invention, mono to stereo development, great songs.

Miles Davis  Kind of Blue

So amazing.  some of the most amazing musicians of all time.  Landmark record.

Mickey Hart  Planet Drum

Very inspirational to me. an all world, all instro album with tons of drums and sound makers creating atmosphere and landscape.  All time favorite.

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