If you had to go away for a while and you could only take five of your favorite albums with you, which ones would you choose? Yes, we know it isn’t a fair question, but that hasn’t stopped us from asking music fans who happen to be recording artists in their own right.

This edition of Desert Island Discs comes courtesy of Nashville’s The Features-specifically the band’s drummer, Rollum Haas. The Features, who are signed to Kings of Leon’s label, Serpents & Snakes, just released their third album, Wilderness, last week. You might know the song “How It Starts” from the widely seen 2013 Ford Mustang commercial. Single and album can be found at a digital retailer near you. Check out Rollum’sDesertIslandpicks!

Rollum says: I started to make a list of my five favorite albums of all time (short list included Duran Duran “Rio”, Eno “Another Green World”, Roxy Music’s first album, Blur “Parklife”…but then I got overwhelmed when I realized I could come up with 20 more on the spot).  So, here’s five songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately:

1. Die Kreuzen “Among The Ruins”

I heard about these guys from an old hesher dude at a record store in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was asking for Voivod (see number 2) and he recommended that I check out these guys. I really like it. It’s kind of punk, kind of metal, spooky, but for some reason guy’s voice reminds me of Def Leppard’s vocalist…….not in a bad way.

2. Voivod “Missing Sequences”

Everything I like about prog rock, science fiction, and metal rolled into one. They were one of those bands that changed pretty drastically with every record. I think this stuff is the peak.

3. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke “Rubicon”

This song is a mainstay on my cycling mix. It puts you in television footage of the Tour De France circa 1985. It also has a sample from The Karate Kid.

4. Scott Walker “Nite Flights”

This is off of a ’70s Walker Brothers album and it’s some of his best stuff. Bowie covered it during his “power suit” period.

5. Mose Allison “Seventh Son”

I like his mood and I wish I wish it was my mood. He’s so cool & collected. I bet he doesn’t like Voivod.

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