Dizzy Heights is going to be at Epcot when this piece goes live. My son turns 10 this week. I have no idea how that happened. Wasn’t he just born, like…last year?

Nope. Ten years ago.

I am so proud of him, too. He’s such a good, sweet, happy kid. And he and his sister will be doing their own Dizzy Heights show pretty soon. I’m mixing, but they’re picking the tunes (Top 40 radio, ahoy!) and doing the between-song banter. He wants to say, “Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!” for his opening line. I’m trying to persuade him to pick something a tad less obvious.

We have even bigger plans the day after the Epcot visit, and this mix, and its title, will give you a big clue as to what we’re doing. Thanks to Information Society, Seal, The Motels, and Florence + The Machine for the extra help in keeping the theme going.

And how messed up is it that the one song I threw in there for my son is the one with the most profanity? There is no reason for that song to have so many bad words. Shame on you, Jonas brother.

Thank you, as always, for listening. My favorite part is where you can hear my eye drops falling off the counter and hitting the floor. I am nothing if not a professional.

Fair warning: next week’s show is a place-filler, an alt-dance beat mix that I made a few years ago, but Dizzy Heights will be back in this format in two weeks, and then every two weeks after that. Spring has sprung, and my dance card is about to be too full to do a weekly show. Sorry.

Plus, how will you miss me if I never go away?

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