MASSIVE show this week. I had an idea about songs with the names of cities, or countries, states, etc. So I hit up my Facebook friends to crowdsource suggestions, and man, did they deliver. Easily the biggest community thread ever hatched from my page. They gave me so many ideas that I have two and a half pages of songs to play in future installments of this theme, so if I didn’t play your favorite song about London, I will make it up to you, I promise.

Much like the last show, LOTS of acts making their Dizzy Heights debuts, including Ace Frehley, Artists United Against Apartheid (bet you’ll never guess which songs of theirs I used), The B-52s, The Beautiful South, Def Leppard, Fluid Ounces, The Human League (wait what?), Jason and the Scorchers, Johnny Cash, Kim Wilde, Loretta Lynn, Missing Persons, Murray Head, The Presidents of the United States of America, Red Rockers, They Might Be Giants, and Todd Snider.

UPDATE: Thanks to loyal Mixcloud listener Lloyd Knight, I realized to my horror this morning (at work, where there is nothing I can do about it for a good 12 hours) that I in fact played the WRONG Jason & the Scorchers song in this show, putting my ignorance of the band’s catalog on full display. I deeply regret the error.

Thank you, as always, for listening. And I’m sorry for being a dumbass.

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