Here’s where I take that good will I earned over the past four weeks and throw it out the window with a chill mix. Having fun yet?

This is a digital recreation of a mix tape I made in late 1995 (Maxell XL II 100, if you’re curious). Those who read my Mope Like Me column on Popdose will not be surprised to hear that four of the songs that I covered can be found here. Mixing this again, I was instantly transported back to that winter in Chicago, which was bittersweet to be sure. There are some bands here that I’ve since left behind (BNL, DMB, CTD), but it’s really nice to hear a lot of these songs after not playing some of them for decades. Decades. My god.

Thank you, as always, for listening. One more show after this and then Dizzy Heights is taking the rest of the year off. Cheers!

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