Features Terry Hall, The Lightning Seeds, Marshall Crenshaw, No Doubt, and more.

This is a combination of two mixes. Eighteen of these songs come from a 19-song 2001 mix – I removed “Gone” by Madonna because it was only there to fill space at the end of the CD – and the rest came from a 1999 mix that I cannot find for the life of me, so I added what I could remember. Most of the songs were current, but there are a couple of tracks that will seem left-field until you learn that I was just getting into those artists at the time (Marshall Crenshaw, The Divine Comedy).

I came thisclose to removing No Doubt, but then I thought of how my kids are constantly retconning their lives so that they never made “mistakes,” and decided against it. At the time, I really dug this tune. And it still holds up, if you ask me.

Thank you, as always, for listening.

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