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As Jermaine Stewart once so eloquently sang, “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time.” Now, some 27 years later, Brittany McDonald sips the same cherry wine while bringing this important message to a new generation of girls. Her self-released video for “Notice Me” is racking up views on YouTube and she’s having no trouble finding friends on Facebook.

The song shimmies the musical gap between Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen, the video packs dozens of classic film, TV and music video clips into a very powerful narrative. Young McDonald is so passionate about the subject, she even penned a Huffington Post article called “Selling Sex is Never Going Out Of Style.

With 108,000 views and counting, you clearly struck a nerve with fans. Was the video for “Notice Me” inspired by your own journey, your friends, the media or a little bit of everything?

BRITTANY McDONALD: “Notice Me” was most definitely inspired by my own journey and personal experiences. Being a female in an industry where who you know and what you look like is more important than your ability and talent, you get more than your fair share of feeling overlooked, unwanted and not good enough. I believe that many people, not just women, can relate to these feelings at one point in their life or another, so I hope the song resonates and hits home for many.

Brittany McDonald Dress 600A large portion of our economy is built on an industry that tries to convince women they were born “not beautiful enough” (fashion, cosmetics, drugs, plastic surgery, etc.) while selling waistline-expanding  food and gut-busting diets. How do you combat the daily onslaught of negative body image and self-worth messages?

I never combat them, I ignore them. Trying to fight off subliminal messaging, negativity and ridiculous expectations in society is a never-ending battle… and the only way to win is to not give them the time of day. Everyone is always trying to sell you something, and most of the time all they’re selling is bullshit. Nothing is really ever as it seems, so once you accept that truth, it is so much easier to tune the nonsense out and focus on how you can become the best and happiest version of you.

In the video, you sing about the pressure to take your clothes off to please a man (and pop culture as a whole) while in the nude. Wouldn’t a nice robe have been a better choice?

Brittany McDonald Water 600Am I in the nude? Nothing really ever is as it seems. Who knew that showing your shoulders could be so edgy?!? It really is all in the way you look at it, what is implied or isn’t implied is completely up for personal interpretation. I’m not here to preach — I’m describing feelings that come with being a woman period, what it feels like to be a girl. Every part of “Notice Me” is from my heart — I feel that is the best place to write, create and express myself.

What’s next for you? Touring? More music?

I have so much to look forward to this year; a ton of new music, new licensing placements, fingers crossed for touring and live shows! However, what is most important to me is building relationships with people who are passionate about my music, and continuing to get the music out there to old fans and new ones. I am not a one “man” show here and I am so lucky to work with so many talented and creative people, so I’m excited to continue that journey and so fortunate to be able to do what I love…and most importantly share it with you! Thank you!

BrittanyMcDonald - Notice Me Single

Brittany McDonald – Notice Me

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