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To say the shit’s about to get funky up in here is an understatement. “Lovely Generation” is a deep album cut from Another Country, the second album from Chicago neo soul singer Cole DeGenova. Backed by his powerful band, The Peoples Republic, DeGenova gets his groove on, channeling early Prince and latter-era Justin Timberlake (back when that lad used to make music). I’ve had this track on heavy rotation since October; it’s a designated power hitter on my workout, party and wake-up playlists.

Cole DeGenova – Lovely Generation

(to download: PC right click/save as “¢ MAC option/click)

And this isn’t even the single!

“Those Kids” has an equally stellar groove and should be a big hit at radio once the blog buzz gives way to airplay. The mighty WXRT in Chicago is already a supporter.

Cole DeGenova (Portrait)

DeGenova recently gigged around Europe and sang back-up at a Lupe Fiasco show in New York. He has played a wide variety of concerts, alongside or opening for such diverse artists as Kurt Elling, Patricia Barber, The Alabama Shakes, Meshell N’degeocello and GZA.

Listen “Those Kids” and the entire album at Bandcamp; connect with Cole DeGenova online.

As an added bonus, here is the video for “Rich Man’s Money” from his previous album, Just People Again.

[youtube id=”YlLOH4gUWuo#!” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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