May is the unofficial start of the summer concert season, so to unofficially celebrate the shows of 2009, and internet radio station The Penguin have teamed up for Penguimania 2009. Tune in each Wednesday at 9:00 EST for Radioshow With Dw. Dunphy to hear the live performance megamix in full. Then each week we’ll present a downloadable MP3 of a set from the “concert.”

Set Two

The second set kicks off with Dream Theater covering the classic Elton John two-fer of “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding.” As originally found on the ubiquitous Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album, Dream Theater stays faithful to the original.

Marillion has, over the years, amassed a cult following that has spawned a whole series of official live recordings, lavish deluxe releases of their new albums and fan convention concerts known as the Marillion Weekends. Here is their live version of the standout track from the This Strange Engine album, “Estonia.”

The grand finale of Joe Jackson’s ambitious Night and Day album is the slow-burning lullaby, “A Slow Song.” This live performance of the song manages to top the original with a fantastic, building climax.


We’ll see you here next week for set three and, don’t forget: you can enjoy the entire mix over at The Penguin, Wednesday nights starting at 9:00 PM EST: find it at

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