May is the unofficial start of the summer concert season, so to unofficially celebrate the shows of 2009, and internet radio station The Penguin have teamed up for Penguimania 2009. Tune in each Wednesday at 9:00 EST for Radioshow With Dw. Dunphy to hear the live performance megamix in full. Then each week we’ll present a downloadable MP3 of a set from the “concert.”

Set Four

Starting off this, the final set of Penguimania 2009, is King’s X with a breakout track from the Ear Candy album. “Mississippi Moon” features guitarist Ty Tabor on vocals.

From their eponymous “Island Album,” known as such as it was their sole release on the Island label, The 77’s tear through their original “Pearls Before Swine.” The live version was the first recording of the tune, and subsequent studio recordings were put to tape with the command, “Play it like you did live.”

Technically the last Pink Floyd song being it was the final track of The Division Bell, the last studio Floyd album (we can dispense with the Roger Waters/not Roger Waters argument on another day,) “High Hopes” represents the band at its most ornate and orchestral.

Recorded during the tour of his hugely popular album The Stranger, Billy Joel closes it all out with “Say Goodbye to Hollywood,” in part a tribute to the Phil Spector/Ronettes pop sound.


That’s it! Thanks for enjoying Penguimania 2009 and don’t forget: you can enjoy the entire mix over at The Penguin, Wednesday nights starting at 9:00 PM EST: find it at Popdose and The Penguin wish you your best concert experiences this summer. I’ll be back next week when we return to Dw. Dunphy On…

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