Portland, Oregon native son Adam Zwig unleashes a new 5-song mini album – his 6th overall release – the magnificent Stones, Bones, and Skin.  This e.p., I’m not ashamed to say, I love.  I love the production, the quality of the songs, the feel of the tracks and I like his voice a lot – especially when harmonizing.

“Going Back To Vermont” is a rich, acoustic based number – I can hear banjo, mandolin, pedal steel – all the elements of pure, American music (in my mind) and a great starter.  “Nowhere To Be Found” is a slower, melancholic and no less that heart-tugging track; driven by Hammond organ and a scorching guitar solo that fits the tenor of the song (I appreciate no-bullshit solos – economical, powerful and to the point).  “Sunshine Waves” carries you from the first drum slam on a beautiful slide guitar run into a warm, lush singalong.

I now have another artist who I have to backtrack and investigate their catalog.  I strongly recommend you do the same for Adam Zwig.  Do not by pass this e.p.

Stones, Bones, and Skin will be released on August 18th.


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