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Birmingham, Alabama native/Los Angeles-based Beth Thornley returns with her fourth release/first EP, Septagon and this is fast becoming a favorite of mine.  Ms. Thornley knows how to construct a song and quality in pop.  The first of these four songs, “Say You Will” is a lush, full-sounding production with a warm piano beautifully accompanying her very sweet and warm voice.  The production is crisp and gives the guitar, drums and other nuances a completeness.  “It Could Be” has a slightly psychedelic tinge to it, which I think gives this song a wonderful edge – again, the vocals are embracing and give the track a greater emotional scope.  “Last To Fall” is a light-sounding piece but the lyrics are wonderfully scathing; this track (which features Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket) has gentle arrangements which is a brilliant contrast to the sharp lyrics.  The last cut, “All These Things” is the most dramatic and fully-realized of the four songs, with its build ups and string arrangements.

Of course,  if I have one complaint it’s that this is an e.p. and not a full album.  No matter – I’ve now had my appetite whetted and I’m very much looking forward to hearing what Beth Thornley delivers next.

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