Very nice and impressive mini-album from Honey & The 45s, a Chicago-based outfit.  Mad is a smooth mixture of soulfulness, funky grooves and Americana (quite an achievement) with great production and skill.  This five-piece is steered by the sweet-dripping vocals of Kristina Cottone and the on-the-one harmonies of violinist/saxophonist Kim Kozel.  For a band that’s only been together for a few years, they sound like they’ve been mastering their craft and living their songs for a decade or two.

Starting with the title track, which kicks off with a get-down riff and shuffling drums, you know you’re in for something good; “Come Back” is funky, mellow and radio-friendly, but has enough tension to keep it interesting and “Dark” bounces along in a ’60’s way with neat acoustic guitar solo and Hammond background.  “No Turn On Red”‘s vocal interplay along with the bass and percussion figures showcases the mini-album’s most adventurous track and “Skinlovin'” is soft and sweet but no less haunting, with its sax and wonderfully wistful vocals.

What makes this e.p. so enjoyable is the quality of the songs and the performances.  All of the tracks have feel and depth and the musicianship is stellar.  This isn’t some by-the-numbers thing; there’s a lot of heart in this band’s music.  Which gives them that certain something – and Honey & The 45’s  have it.  So by all means – get Mad.


Mad is available now


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