Brisk, cool, breezy – kind of the right sound for the encroaching autumn season.  Formed in Columbus, Ohio and currently based in Brooklyn, The Huntertones have a feel that I very much like, right from the get-go.  Beefy horns, a groove; a vibe that encompasses funk and a clean sound that heightens the quality of the performances, all instrumental (the theme of this week!).

Jazzy/fusion carries the opening cut, “Rumpus Time”, which indicates a good time feel (a word that will come up frequently as that’s what this music is about); “Welcome To The Neighborhood” slows the groove down but not the jam and it’s a smooth transition.  “Delirious” kicks in with some milky bass and the horns just shine throughout this slightly off-time piece and “Hip Mr. Hampton” has an infectious loop-styled groove with a human beat box sound (!).

All in all, a very impressive release – I look forward to hearing more from this very fine and skilled outfit.  Quality players win me everytime.

Huntertones s/t E.P. will be released on Friday, November 20th, 2015




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