Hailing from the Windy City, singer-songwriter Laura Joy offers up her sophomore effort – a five-song EP, Between Our Words.  Low-voltage, lo-fi and warm, this is a fine mixture of acoustic based pop (!) and soothing vocals.  For someone who seems to tour on a tireless schedule, this effort is upbeat and emits an embracing vibe.

“Takes A While”, the opening track, offers muted/brushed drums, subtle keyboard and nice acoustic guitar with Laura Joy’s vocals not needing any effects to help push across the feel.  “Courting Disaster” (a very clever double entendre) has a jaunty near-country feel and “Between Our Words” is a gentle, soulful number with some lovely acoustic flourishes.  “Moving On” is the EP’s standout; a quality break-up song with introspectively-wise lyrics (“I feel the ebb and flow of heartache/photographs of you resonate…”) and “Phoenix”, which closes out the set is another highlight and offers a spark of hope in lyrics that describe flight.

If this EP is an indication of what Laura Joy can do, then I look forward to what she may offer next – especially in the form of a full-length album.  Fine songwriting, a voice that fits the songs perfectly and the right backing accompaniment – the perfect balance.


Between Our Words is available now


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