I usually tend to steer clear when I see a musician or performer classified as “world music”; it’s one of the few genres that I just cannot listen to.  So admittedly, I was a little leery with this e.p.  But I’m glad to say it wasn’t like that at all – it’s a warm, acoustic-based, somewhat bluesy collection that emanates a good vibe.  All Around, the debut from Micah Olsan & The Many (this is his second release) has feel; it sounds terrific, production-wise and this is one of those pieces where everything fits just right – the vocals against the music; the blend of instruments – a fine effort.

To give you a glimpse, the opening song, “Trouble” takes you on a bluesy river in a classic fashion – impassioned vocals; tight, taut and tense backing with subtle keyboard (shades of Fender Rhodes permeate) and stops on a dime; “The Way Young Lovers Do” (the Van Morrison song) is a well-structured track; soaring melody on the chorus and a very subtle solo with interplay between guitar, keyboard and some very deft drumming.  Here, Micah Olsan makes it his own.  “Because It’s There” has a very country feel with some very sweet guitar figures (especially the use of slide on the solo, against a rollicking keyboard) and a groove that goes from straightforward to a more jazzy direction.

All in all, this is a satisfying offering and five songs are an excellent introduction to Micah Olsan & The Many.  I’m looking forward to hear what they come up with next.




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