Last May, I profiled up-and-coming Australian pop outfit Monks of Mellonwah’s single “Never Been Good,” a taste of their then-in-the-works EP,  Disconnect. Much to the relief of fans who’ve seen them on the road supporting folks like Sevendust, the seven-song offering sees its officially release in August. And for anyone who loves their infectious pop with an injection of R&B and a hint of funk, you’ll finally find your perfect summer soundtrack.

The highly danceable “Never Been Good” kicks off the party, followed by the rhythmic “Even When It Burns,” a fast-paced burst of energy begging to find its way onto your running playlist. But if you’re afraid the MoM are only going to deliver in-your-face musical punches, “Show Me Something More” illustrates a softer, soulful side that still embraces that amplified energy. Likewise, “Disconnect” recalls piano-heavy bands like the Fray and Keane to craft a truly memorable pop ballad. Meanwhile, remember how I mentioned a sprinkling of funk throughout the tunes? You’ll find it on “Look at Me,” a mainstreaming of classic funky beats set against a Maroon 5-type progression and lyrics. Album closer “Feel It Coming” recalls “Never Been Good” and wraps up the album by truly encapsulating the musical journey into one final barnstormer.

If you’ve been paying attention, I name-checked some pretty heavy-hitters in that last paragraph. For a band of lesser musicians, the comparisons might be unfounded, but MoM come through with intense talent and a pop sound largely unheard in today’s landscape. If you buy one EP this summer, make it Disconnect.

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