This new 6 song mini-album follows up the stellar 2013 release Someone Else’s Cake. Where that album had varied styles of what could be deemed as “classic power pop”, Pure Delight is an even stronger mix, especially with the top-notch sound.  Quality production by Johnny Sangster brings these songs to even bigger heights and liveliness.

Guided by singer/songwriter Lincoln Barr, this now-four piece kicks things off in fine ’70’s rock style, a la Radio City with the title track, complete with falsetto “ooh ooh”‘s that work perfectly, along with the soulful sound of a Hammond B3.  “I Want You To Worship Me” with its grandiose piano introduction immediately recalls a combination of Steve Forbert and Warren Zevon; “Crow” has a terrific faux-gospel feel mixed with a little swamp boogie.  “Nearly Marjorie” rollicks along like a forgotten Boz Scaggs classic; “AM” is mournful, sweet and touching and “Get Paid” has a New Orleans touch – all six songs fit one another harmoniously.

Lincoln Barr is a damn fine singer and songwriter; the members of Red Jacket Mine are damn fine musicians – they play with fire, skill and a lot of heart.  Plus wry humor, which makes Red Jacket Mine stand out from a lot of other bands out there.  Pure Delight is just that – a pure delight.  Red Jacket Mine does Seattle proud.


Pure Delight is available now




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