With a name like “Sir Cadian Rhythm,” you’d be disappointed if the members weren’t somewhat noble, right? Though they have adopted the knightly moniker, their backgrounds belie their true prowess and talent. The group consists of musical theater performers, Juilliard graduates, music teachers, award-winning jazz band performers, and prolific poets, each with different musical stylings ranging from rock to funk, metal to pop. And although Sir Cadian Rhythm — the name’s a play on the body’s “circadian rhythm,” dontcha know — is barely a year old, their first EP whets the appetite for what’s to come.

At a succinct five songs, the band’s self-titled EP is a quick run-through of musical perspectives against a racing backdrop (particularly in the pulsing, Daddio-snapping “Holly’s on Fire”). For sure, it seems this disc only serves to give a glance into the band’s potential; it’s pretty obvious that a full-length album will serve them well in the future. Their sound fluctuates from shades of Maroon5 to Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Run Around Town” sounds like a lost RHCP song from the Californication period). A personal favorite of mine is the closer, “Villain Fear,” with its easy backbeat and mellow groove that still keeps the listener hooked. Perhaps a bit more focus would serve the band well, but there’s no doubt that they’re headed in the right direction.

As a bonus, check out the band’s mashup of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” from August — months before the British singer was accused of ripping off the Heartbreaker’s hit. Good call, sirs.

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