This is some good stuff.  A New York band that kicks up a glorious racket by combining all the best elements of rock, garage, pop and punk, all with melody, structure and punch.  Classic four piece band that has vocal chops and songwriting skills always equals a winning combination.  For a debut E.P., this is a damned good primer for things to (hopefully) come.

“Lucy” opens the five song set with some tasty riffs, a cheesy (in the best way possible) organ and meaty beats that are instantly catchy and embraceable; “Unseen” is classic power pop with some weighty guitars and “Helpless” definitely owes a nod or two to Bob Mould (especially since there’s a Sugar classic with the same title).  “I Didn’t Lie” slows things down a little but is filled with tension, great percussion to keep the tautness in tact and some very neat guitar figures; “Rent Boy” closes out the proceedings with a slow, dramatic build up that recalls some of the better moments from the ’80’s (think Psychedelic Furs/Killing Joke).

This is one of those blink-and-you-missed-it pieces; you need to listen to it more than one time because you’ll want to remember what you heard and why you like it.  I’m on my 5th go round – and that says a lot.  So be looking out for Tenterhooks – I think they’ve got it.


Meanwhile… in another part of town is available now


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