Five years on as a band, this group from Chicago now take on an ambitious project – a five-song E.P. and a ten-track album in the span of five months.  So far, half of their mission is accomplished, with the release of the Transmission E.P.

Crunchy guitars, energetic tempos, crisp harmonies – a “can’t miss” and from the opening track, “Chasing Time”, this band is on a roll.  They know how to construct the perfect pop song with drive (listen to those backing harmonies!); “Faded” has the same kind of driving riffage but then takes twists on the verses by slowing down to build the dynamism of the song, building up loudly on the chorus and “Snow” turns it all around with clean, chiming and sweet guitars and harmonies carrying this standout piece.  “SOB” picks up the pace again with some heavier sounding (shades of “classic ’70’s”, especially with the wah-wah infused flailing – and keeps it interesting by virtue of it being an instrumental; “Transmission” has flavors of Sugar (think Beaster) and again, takes the loud/quiet/loud path – but all wrapped in melody.

It would be foolish to try to find different hyperbole; rather, it’s simple.  These are five terrific tracks and Vaudevileins are a go.  Now, on to that ten-track album…


Transmission is available now


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