C’mon. You have to love a band who’s one letter away from being an Argent tribute.

I kid. In reality, there’s no way We Are Ardent would ever be compared to Rod Argent’s post-Zombies group; their sounds are disparate, but not in a bad way. We Are Ardent’s edge is quite refreshing for a 2015 band, in fact. Ten years ago, they would have been in a saturated market of bands rocking hard and going nowhere, blending into the radio background. But now, the guitar-laden, hard-rock monopoly has been overtaken by auto-tuned R&B and pop. In short, We Are Ardent is a sound for sore ears, particularly when they take their music to the next level with South African rhythms and instruments like the kalimba (heard here on “Quiet Like Noise” and “The Time Is Now”).

Hailing from Canada, one of the band’s other unique calling cards is the inclusion of both male and female voices, giving its songs even more depth. Beginning with the energy-fueled “Low,” We Are Ardent bumrushes through six songs, including the racing “Young and Giants” (add this one to your running playlist), and the fleshed-out “Vultures,” featuring vocalist Kat Kerley, sounding just a tad Katy Perry-ish (in a good way, I promise).

As cohesive and as solid as this collection is, the best part might be the lyrics and inspiration behind its musical release: the band members bonded over being bullied, and together realized the impact it had on their well-being as adults. ”We have all suffered at points,” says Kerley. ”We realized how music gave us a sense of community in those times of need and we hope to do the same… advocating for equality and respect for individuals.”

So hold your head up (woo-oo-ooman), take a listen to We Are Ardent, and if you’re in the Toronto area, be sure to catch them October 17 at the Hideout as part of Indie Week Canada!

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