We had a good response to the Friday Night Lights writeup last week, and I thought that all the loyal fans out there should be made aware of Ben Silverman’s recent comments about the fate of this beloved (apparently cult) show.

Silverman is the new head cheese at NBC, and he was recently thrown some questions by one of the writers at RADAR. When asked the fate of FNL, his response was:

“I love it. You love it. Unfortunately, no one watches it. That’s the thing with shows. People have to watch them. We’re NBC, we have a reputation to uphold. And, man, with this writers’ strike … well, we’ll see what we can do. But start watching ’30 Rock.'”

So there you have it, folks — when a network goes out of its way to NOT promote a quality show (especially when there’s a frickin’ strike going on and all we have to watch is Deal or No Deal and American Gladiators), they let it die a sad death.

Maybe all of us diehards should start sending jockstraps to send a message: Keep this show on the air!

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