Welcome to another volume of Found On… Every week I’ll search Bandcamp, SoundCloud, NoiseTrade, Spotify, Youtube and other music sites for new-ish music that I like, which I in turn share with you. You might like it or you might hate it. You never know.

Remember Great Big Sea? They’re still around, but front man Alan Doyle has a new solo album called Boy On Bridge set for a May 15th release. The new stuff appears to have less of a Celtic influence and more straight-ahead rock. Here’s a listen at the first track, “I’ve Seen A Little”:

Alan Doyle – I’ve Seen a Little by Sonic Entertainment Group

Like Bruce Springsteen? I’m guessing you do. Enter Trapper Schoepp & the Shades. They just released a new album Run, Engine, Run that recently won Radio Milwaukee’s Album of The Year award. Very much in the roots-rock vein, this music easily could have been released in the ’70s.

Here’s the title track:

Run, Engine, Run by Trapper Schoepp

The joys of writing this column? Sometimes you, the sexy readers, do all the work for me. Thanks to @ColinDeval for sending over the Bandcamp page of Warsaw Poland-based duo Paula & Karol.

The lead track ‘Whole Again’ comes with a catchy riff and sing-along chorus. And the accordion. Don’t forget about the power of the accordion.

I saw a band called Leagues open for Mat Kearney last year. Leagues actually features two members of Kearney’s backing band. Which of course I didn’t know, so it was a little weird seeing the same drummer & guitar play come back out on stage for the headliner. Lead vocalist for Leagues is a gentlemen by the name of Thad Cockrell, who has released solo work of his own. Long story short, I like Leagues. They’re on tour this spring with Jars of Clay & Matthew Perryman Jones.

They haven’t released a full-length yet, but one of their songs is up on Spotify.

I’m a sucker for cover songs. Here’s a band called the Rosebuds doing a lovely version of the Talking Heads’ ‘Road To Nowhere’

Lastly, here’s one for you hipster parents. If Hot Chip or New Order made kids’ music, they’d be called the Pop Ups.

In related news, I interviewed one of the Pop Ups here.

That’s it for this week. Leave your love, hate, or general thoughts on the bands I found in the comments. And if you know of any bands I should feature, let me know.

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