Welcome to Found On…, a (hopefully) regular feature where I dig around sites like Bandcamp, NoiseTrade, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes & Amazon’s free tracks, Spotify, and maybe even MySpace. (What is this, 2003?)

Anyway, my goal is to bring you new, under the radar artists that might sound fit comfortably in your ear canals. Some weeks I’ll feature one artist; some weeks I’ll feature five. It all depends what I can find and enjoy. You might like some…and you might hate some.

First up is Jon Frost, who comes to us from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In short, his music is LMFAO if RedFoo and SkyBlu had a sense of humility: Pure pop bliss and catchy as hell. This EP will surprise and impress you — and all seven songs are available for only $1.

Next up is True Mad North, a roots rock outfit from California. If you like Old 97’s or Wilco, this band is right up your alley. You can download the album for free or you can tip the band. My two favorite tracks off this record are “Gunmetal Grey” and “Glass of Gasoline.” Must be something about the letter ‘G’ with these guys.

Adult Films is a lo-fi indie outfit from Omaha, Nebraska and apparently banking on a lot of SEO traffic. I like the music in the song, but I don’t have the slightest idea what the lyrics are saying.

Ghostwolf is four-piece outfit that features two members of 311 (You son of a bitch. –ed.), vocalist SA Martinez and bassist Aaron Wills. It’s more straight ahead pop-rock compared to their work with 311. This song “Slowdance” caught my ears. Don’t let your 1996 311 bias get in the way.

That’s it for this week. Leave your love, hate, or general thoughts on the bands I found in the comments. And if you know of any bands I should feature, let me know.

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