As another work week draws to a close Á¢€” and some snow, finally, begins falling on the de facto hockey rink in my driveway Á¢€” it’s time once again to round up the links that made me happy over the last five days:

Bruce at Some Velvet Blog compiles a list Á¢€” or half a list, anyway, the other half is here Á¢€” of covers that are better than the original recordings. (This actually went up last week, but I’m stupid and I missed it.)

Billy K. at I Like Your Crappy Band has recorded a theme song for his blog Á¢€” and yes, it has a good beat, and yes, you can dance to it. (I can’t, but you can.)

Py Korry takes a fond look back at Lone Justice Á¢€” and then lets me play DJ for his weekly Mix Six feature.

Jason, as always, tore shit up with his Adventures through the Mines of Mellow Gold and Chart Attack! posts.

Jeff Vrabel makes with the funny regarding how fucking stupid the media is being about Barack Obama.

John at Lost in the ’80s knows more about Stacey Q than you do.

Andrew at Isn’t the Light OK? posted the third installment in the wonderful story of his decision to adopt.

Taylor at T-Sides gave in to the siren song of the weekly series, and kicked off the Lost MP3 of the Week.

Jesse at Hussalonia e-mailed me to let me know about his lo-fi cover of Billy Joel’s Glass Houses.

And of course, here’s what I’m reviewing this week at Bullz-Eye:

Crowded House’s Farewell to the World:
(“This is a lovingly assembled gift to the relative few who continue to count themselves among the faithful. Inessential, obviously Á¢€” but almost impossible to pass up.”)

Menomena’s Friend and Foe:
(“At first blush, these songs may seem haphazardly assembled and purposely, bafflingly obtuse, but further listens reveal just how carefully they’ve been decorated with an assortment of barbed pop hooks.”)

The Catch and Release soundtrack:
(“Oh, sure, there are (previously released) cuts from Foo Fighters and Paul Westerberg here, but they do not rock; this compilation’s heart lies in the gentle strains of Dave Loggins-worshiping pussies like Josh Radin.”)

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