This column usually presents semi-obscure or forgotten songs that should have been hits. ”Walking on Thin Ice” is different, because if you’re the kind of person with an obsessive enough interest in music to read a site like Popdose, then you’re certainly very familiar with ”Walking on Thin Ice,” the best known song by rock’s biggest villain. But this catchy, haunting little piece of post-disco bears examination 30 years on, as it holds up as one of the brainier, darker, and weirder songs from a genre noted for its cheese and disposability.

”Walking on Thin Ice” was released as a single just a few weeks after the shocking murder of John Lennon, Ono’s husband and the song’s co-producer. (He also provided the crazy-weird guitar hooks for what was one of the last songs he ever worked on.) Despite the international mourning period for Lennon, the song couldn’t reach higher than #58 on the Hot 100, the only song Ono ever charted there. Such is the lingering, undying hatred for Ono for ”breaking up the Beatles.” (She didn’t, of course. You know it. I know it. Evolve.)
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However, the song was eventually redeemed, sort of. A remix of the song went to #1 on the Dance chart in 2003.


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