Statistics chosen at random from the latest Harper’s Index, with corresponding mp3s.

Rank of “disappointed” among terms used by Americans in an October survey to describe their feelings about the government: 1 Soul Asylum – Misery

Percentage of Americans who say government programs don’t help their families: 54 Everything but the Girl – Wrong

Tons of marijuana the Mexican government burned in October following a major seizure: 148 Cheech & Chong – Let’s Make a Dope Deal

Percentage of developing nations whose economies have grown faster than the United States’ since 2001: 89 Billy Pilgrim – Uh-Oh

Average annual household income in Myanmar last year: $459 Meaghan Smith – Poor

Portion of Ukranian voters in an October survey who said they would be willing to sell their vote: 1/4 Billy Joel – Honesty

Percentage of bills proposed by the last Congress that became law: 3 Martin Sexton – Failure

Percentage of U.S. parents who rank bullying as their greatest fear for their children: 30 Indigo Girls – Kid Fears

Number of check-cashing shops currently operating in San Francisco: 141 The Call – Criminal

Number of countries with which the United States has a trade deficit: 77 Freeez – I.O.U. (12″ Mix)

Number of U.S. states that provide paid leave to parents: 2 Van Halen – Not Enough

Chance that an American teen suffers from a severe emotional or behavioral disorder: 1 in 5 Warren Zevon – Disorder in the House

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