This wasn’t part of our official launch announcement, but as some of you may remember, Jason’s site had a patron saint before he merged it with Popdose — and since Jason wouldn’t bring his content over unless we agreed to take on said saint, we made it part of the package deal.

Maybe you don’t remember which patron saint I’m talking about. Hell, maybe you never read Jason’s site. That’s fine, because Jason oh-so-helpfully enlisted our pal Colleen to screen a t-shirt emblazoned with the saintly visage in question for my newborn son.


Baby McD

To those of you who frequented Jason’s site, this will be hilarious. To those of you who didn’t, yes, that really does say “3 Time Grammy Award Winner: Michael McDonald.” Welcome to Squaresville, Daddy-O.

(And yeah, that picture was taken a week ago, and it’s a little outdated. What do you want from me? Launch week kicked my ass.)

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