I’ve read a couple of embarrassingly flattering posts at other blogs this week about my recent decision to relax the posting schedule here, which leads me to believe I should maybe reassure some of you that I don’t intend to do away with any of the ongoing “columns” or “sections” or whatever they are. We’ll still have Cutouts Gone Wild!, we’ll still have Idiot’s Guides, we’ll still have Bootleg City and the Friday Mixtape, and I haven’t locked up the Cassingle Vault. I’m just a little more conscious of the emotional toll it takes when I’m sweating a post at 8 o’clock every night, trying to make my self-imposed deadline of 5 A.M. publication. This stuff will have to happen a little more naturally now, that’s all.

I’m of the opinion that the quality of my writing here has taken a severe hit over the last year or so, and that’s part of what I’m trying to address with this change in focus. I’d like to have more posts written through inspiration and less through scheduling, if that makes any sense — get back to doing more writing about horrible videos, or junk food, or books, or movies, or even none of the above.

Posts like this one, from Taylor at T-Sides, are what I’m talking about. She’s got it all down: The small details, the personal element, the terrific flow. You might not like the music (or hell, even the post), but to me, it sums up what music blogging is supposed to be. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just trying to readjust my aim — move it a few degrees higher.

(What will probably go mostly the way of the dodo is the Listening Booth feature — I’m pitching more of these reviews to Bullz-Eye first, for two simple reasons: One, their audience is hundreds of times the size of mine, and two, they pay me. I think I will link here to my articles for them, though, so if you’re really interested in what I think of new music/movies, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to find out.)

And posting at a less frenzied rate also gives me a chance to spend more time at other blogs, ones I really enjoy, like Gaper’s Blog. Just a little while ago, as I was making The Bean some lunch, I took his recommendation/challenge (read more here) and checked out The Damnwells, a band I’ve heard of often but never heard. I don’t know if “Golden Days,” featured on the band’s fucking MySpace page, is actually terrific, or if it just hit me at exactly the right moment, and I don’t care. I’m buying Air Stereo. Go pay the band a visit and tell me what you think.

P.S.: If you’re in the NYC area, don’t forget to get your rock on with Jason and Mike tonight — first two Jefitoblog readers at the show get $10 to spend at Amazon!

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