As promised, here’s what I’m doing for Bullz-Eye this week. Click the links to read the full articles.

A review of the new movie Conversations with God:
(”This is a motion picture so clumsily assembled that you can’t help hoping there’s been a mistake Á¢€” that perhaps what you’re seeing is an early cut stolen by a vindictive crew member and somehow passed off as a theatrical release Á¢€” but such hopes are in vain.”)

The complete Greatest American Hero series, on DVD:
(”It’s difficult to bemoan the dumbing down of a concept that was never really meant to be taken all that seriously in the first place. That being said, “The Greatest American Hero’s” downward arc is a compelling argument for the widespread channel expansion that occurred not long after the show’s demise. The three major networks had forgotten how to entertain their audience; even when given popcorn, they couldn’t resist adding cheese.”)

The Sadies In Concert, Vol. 1:
(”Records like this don’t come along very often; most bands have neither the chops nor the testicular fortitude to throw 27 musicians on a stage, throw a big, sweaty party, and trust things to work themselves out.”)

Lloyd Cole’s Antidepressant:
(”Cole’s acerbic wit remains intact. It continues to skate close to misanthropy, in fact, but he knows how to part the curtains just enough to keep the proceedings from wandering into excessively dour territory.”)

The Duhks’ Migrations:
(”In the final analysis, if the band’s music isn’t as eclectic or buzzworthy as, say, Nickel Creek’s, that’s okay; it’s often more consistent.”)

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