For the premier episode of In:Sound, we chose another premier to sit and rap about (pun intended.) Join us as we turn the dial back to 1989 and revisit Billboard’s first Hot Rap Tracks chart, published on March 11 of that year. Featuring a fairly good cross-section of the Hip-Hop world, circa 1989, the chart gave us plenty to chew on, and only a few chances to dive down the magical rabbit holes that we so love running down.

One quick correction: in the conversation Michael incorrectly states that the chart prior to the Hot Rap Tracks chart was the “R&B/Hip-Hop Singles” chart. That chart would replace the (then named) “Black Singles” chart, sometime later.

Side note: no thanks to our frenemies at Billboard for having (possibly) the most difficult site to navigate on the Internet.

In:Sound, Ep. 1: Chart Attack! Hot Rap Tracks: March 11, 1989

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