Last year Popdose featured a summer column called Greatest Bits, where staff members helped compose a mix of their favorite tracks from artists who already have Greatest Hits compilations devoted to them. The series focused on bringing more of the deep cuts to light, but a funny thing occurred. More often than not, the “bits” that were brought up as contenders still followed in the same time periods as the hits did. Only occasionally did tracks from the career tail-end of these music lifers get the promotion.

With that as our remit, Popdose is reintroducing the column for the summer of 2013, but with a twist. In Popdose’s Latest Bits, we’re specifically zeroing in on those later albums, the ones even the biggest fans of an artist might not revisit too often. From them, the Popdose Staff will attempt to construct a “best of” collection that might make the case for continued market relevance and legacy value. At the very least, they might make you think about an artist in a new way, placed outside of their hit-making period.

It’s an experiment, and you may not agree with the findings, but we promise that it will definitely be a conversation-starter. Keep an eye on as we launch the column in the following weeks. You can also get in on the fun by suggesting former superstar acts who may have lackluster sales or output in recent times. Who knows? They might be the subject of a future column!

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