I’ve been keeping this under wraps until now, but it gives me no small amount of giddy, schoolgirl-like joy to introduce to you:

Now, I really want to take credit for this series, because I think it’s genius, but I can’t. I haven’t even had all that much to do with it, honestly, aside from getting Jason off his ass, but I’m extremely jazzed to be a part of things. Some of you are already personally aware of this (in that I’ve begun efforts to steal significant amounts of your valuable free time), but I really want to do more collaborative things this year. As I put it to our pal Billy K., I want to assemble a blog Mafia. I’m not sure exactly why, or what to do with it, but I’ve got a brain tickle that says it’s a good idea.

Long story short, expect more things like this. And by “things like this,” I mean collaborative series which require your surfing to and fro between here and some other bloggy destination. It’s going to be cool. Do not be afraid. Trust me.

And here’s the deal on LOST SOUNDTRACK CLASSICS. One evening, Jason made the mistake of telling me he wanted, someday, to start a series based around songs from soundtracks that, though they’re well-loved among music geeks and film nerds, were never hits in their own right. My blood pressure shot up, naturally, and I started rattling off songs that fit the bill. That’s my function in these conversations. Jason’s is to beg off, remind me that patience is a virtue, and all that other sad B.S.

As luck would have it, in this case, little patience was required. We both agreed that only one song deserved to be covered first, and since we were actually able to track down its performer and get him to agree to an interview, all of Jason’s whining was quickly overpowered by the siren song of destiny.

I’m not telling you which song we covered. You need to click on that picture up there Á¢€” or on this link Á¢€” to find out. Meet you over at Jason’s.

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