Happy spring 2018! Don’t get excited!

Just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s the best. But again, just because it’s the best doesn’t mean you’ll like it. There’s a lot of territory in-between and that’s why the Isn’t That Awful podcast is here. Take careful note of the lack of punctuation, because it’s important! The Isn’t That Awful podcast seeks to find the good in what is regularly considered “low brow” entertainment. 

In each episode, two commentators go head-to-head and bring comparable entertainment topics to the table with one critical mission: find appreciation for a pop culture artifact that typically isn’t celebrated.

Pop culture and political commentator Josh Dobbin, author of the book Of Love and Snackcakes and Other Short Works, seeks the merits of Foreigner’s big hit “Juke Box Hero” and Roxette’s bigger hit, “The Look.” Writer Dw. Dunphy rots you lock a horrican with two songs by Scorpions: “No One Like You” and “The Future Never Dies.” In-between, Josh and Dw. consider the red-light rock-out mute button phenomenon, reminisce about camp and school, and wonder aloud if Jim Steinman just wrote the same song over, and over, and over, and over again. 

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Isn’t That Awful Episode Two

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