As those of you who are also faithful readers of our friend Jason’s site already know, he’s got an excellent weekly feature going on over there called Adventures through the Mines of Mellow Gold, in which he dissects beloved lost classic songs of pop music’s mellowest era. It’s totally fuckin’ entertaining, is what it is, and if you haven’t been reading thus far, I encourage you to go back and correct the error of your ways.

Jason’s got a problem, however, and it’s this: He never wants to do anything cool. He continually has great ideas for his blog, but is constantly pussing out on following them through to completion. He’s always saying stuff like “I don’t have time” and “I’m so tired.”

Recognizing my moral imperative to muscle past Jason’s whiny protests and kick open the spigots of bloggy goodness, I am not above cajoling, threatening, or promising my valuable time in assistance.

Which is why, as of today, I will be one-half of the writing and listening team behind Year One of The Twelve Days of Mellowmas.

“Oh God,” you’re probably thinking. “No.”

But yes.

For the next twelve days, Jason and I will be having the mellowest listening party you ever did hear, and we’re going to do it yuletide style, bringing you the finest seasonal cuts from artists such as Air Supply, Glenn Medeiros, REO Speedwagon, and more. Just when you think we can’t get any mellower, we probably will. It’ll make you want to eat mistletoe until you die. (Lord knows that’s how I felt.)

So brace yourselves, because at 12 P.M. Eastern today, in this very spot, we’ll be kicking off The Twelve Days of Mellowmas, and alternating between here and Jason’s place every day thereafter.

You can hardly wait. I can tell.

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