There are (as has often been observed) two kinds of people in this world. What those two kinds are — well, that’s a matter of personal interpretation. Myself, I tend to divide the population into larks and owls.

To wit: Some of us, maybe most of us, live in the sunshine — the early risers, the good people, who walk in the daylight and greet the morning with a song. But there are some of us who burn the midnight lamp; the night hawks, who have prowled the infomercial wasteland of the TV graveyard shift, who know the eerie hush of 3:00 AM, who crawl the streets sleepless in the small hours, in the liminal zone between yesterday and tomorrow, moving through pools of lamplight when the pavements are strange and lonely in the dark. The Night People.

For the tribes of the night, Halloween is our Mardi Gras, our Christmas, and our Thanksgiving, all rolled into one. It’s our tourist season, when we natives of the interzone play host to the bright-eyed Day People giddily clutching their 12-hour passes. It’s party time, in other words — an opportunity to share our freaky glamour with our brothers and sisters from the sunny side. And it is an all-night affair, for the walls between this world and the next grow thin only with the coming of dusk.

Every day from here to Halloween, I’ll be updating this post with a new longform MP3 mixtape. This hand-curated selection of music and sound — ten MP3s, mixed from over 250 original tracks, twelve hours in all — has been especially assembled to keep your gathering on edge from sunset to sunrise; here you’ll find seasonal classics, spooky obscurities, novelties, spoken word, sound effects, and all manner of uneasy listening to keep you company in the long darkness of your overnight vigil into All Saints’ Day.

It’s all available for streaming or download, to liven up your zombie jamboree or freak out the trick-or-treaters — a gift to all the Night People, for this, our night of nights. So bookmark this post and keeping checking back! Trust me — it’s going to be a scream.

Illustration by Eric Powell (

Halloween Mix 01 (Scary Monsters and Super Creeps) (1:07:52)

Desolation Theme — Ken Nordine with Wayne Horvitz and Bill Frisell
Dead Man’s Party — Oingo Boingo
Zombie Jamboree — Harry Belafonte
Halloween (main theme) — John Carpenter (Halloween OST)
Season of the Witch — Richard Thompson
(film trailer: The Return of Count Yorga)
Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) — Concrete Blonde
Brimstone and Treacle — Sting
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) — David Bowie
I Walk On Gilded Splinters — Dr. John the Night Tripper
(movie trailer: Monsters Crash the Pajama Party)
Frankenstein — The Edgar Winter Group
(movie trailer: The Brain Eaters)
I’m Not Scared — Raindogs
Werewolves Of London — Warren Zevon
Hall Of The Mountain King — Duke Ellington Orchestra
Full Moon — The Low Note Quintet with Michael Stipe
The Monster Mash — Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers
Do The Devil — The Amazing Royal Crowns

Illustration by Shane L. Johnson (

Halloween Mix 02 (The Devil In Me) (1:02:26)

Tubular Bells, part 1 (excerpt) — Mike Oldfield
(montage: The ExorcismSounds of Terror!)
The Devil Made Me Do It — Curtis Knight
Night On Bald Mountain — Marty Manning and His Orchestra
Ghost Town — The Specials
The Ballad of Ann Boleyn — Stanley Holloway
Theme from The Munsters — Milton DeLugg and the All-Stars
Bloody Mary — Barrence Whitfield and the Savages
Now That I Am Dead — French Frith Kaiser Thompson
Nightmares By The Sea — Jeff Buckley
Wild Cats Of Kilkenny — The Pogues
The Raven — Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra
I Want Candy — Bow Wow Wow
Black Soul Choir — Sixteen Horsepower
Halloween — Kirsty MacColl
Alfred Hitchcock Presents — Ralph Marterie and the Marlboro Men
Moon Over Bourbon Street — Sting
Intro to “Seduction Through Witchcraft” — Louise Huebner with Bebe & Louis Barron
(montage: Night Flight — Ennio Morricone)
The Jezebel Spirit — Brian Eno and David Byrne
Pearl’s SongNight of the Hunter OST
(interpolated with Pearl’s Dream — Brokeback)
Night of the Hunter (remix) — FantÁ´mas

Illustration by Steve Talkowski (

Halloween Mix 03 (Yo Pumpkin Head) (1:05:10)

Introduction to Horror (excerpt) — Arch Oboler’s Drop Dead!
(montage: Beware — Rip, Rig & Panic)
The Zombie Dance — The Cramps
Trick Or Treat — Little Anthony and the Imperials
House on Haunted Hill — Kenny and the Fiends
What’s He Building? — Tom Waits
(montage: Violent Thunderstorm with Wind and Rain — Sounds Of Horror)
King of the Fairies (traditional)
I Am Stretched On Your Grave — SinÁ©ad O’Connor
Goodnight Moon — Shivaree
Loup-Garou bal Goula — Willie DeVille
(movie trailer: I Was A Teenage Werewolf)
Where The Wolf Bane Blooms — The Nomads
Do They Know It’s Halloween? — North American Hallowe’en Prevention, Inc.
The Skeleton In the Closet — Matt Monroe
Cross Bones Style — Cat Power
(movie trailer: The Ghost in The Invisible Bikini)
‘Tain’t No Sin (So Take Off Your Skin and Dance Around in Your Bones) — Dan Russo and His Orchestra
Dead Man’s Stroll — The Revels
Spooky — Classics IV
Satan Takes a Holiday — Rosengarden and Kraus
Bark at the Moon — Ozzy Osbourne
The Headless Horseman — Kay Starr
Yo Pumpkin Head — Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts

Illustration by Norman Rockwell

Halloween Mix 04 (Ouija Board, Ouija Board) (1:14:24)

Hell — The Squirrel Nut Zippers
(sound clip: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)
Halloween — Siouxsie and the Banshees
Lyke-Wake Dirge — The Young Tradition
(montage contains elements of Bashi-Bazouk — Peter Gabriel)
Day Of The Dead — The Church
Zombie Walk — The Magics
(sound clip: “Spider and the Crabs” promo)
Boris The Spider — The Who
Ouija Board — Laurie Anderson
The Wolfman — The Bobby Fuller Four
Theme to The Addams Family — Vic Mizzy
Out Come the Freaks — Was (Not Was)
There’s a Ghost In My House — The Fall
Will The Summer Make Good For All Our Sins? — MÁ¹m
Dr. Funkenstein — Parliament
The Headless Horseman — Joe Satriani
(sound clip: The Wicker Man)
The Killing Moon — Echo and the Bunnymen
Eye of the Zombie — John Fogerty
Halloween Spooks — Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross
Folle de Toi — Benjamin Biolay with Chiara Mastroianni
Mostly Ghostly — The Creatures
A-Souling — Lothlorien
Halloween Song — The Evangelicals

Illustration by Pete Arnell (

Halloween Mix 05 (Joy Ride To Hell) (1:18:10)

The Very Long Fuse —  from Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
(montage: Lair of the Fungal Witch — Elemental Chrysalis)
Joy Ride Ta Hell / Halloween Girl — Seraphim Shock
Grim, Grinning GhostsThe Haunted Mansion OST
It’s Tricky — Run-DMC
This Is HalloweenThe Nightmare Before Christmas OST
Circus Of Horrors — Quiet Village Project
Full Moon — The Black Ghosts
Candy-O — The Cars
Ghosts — Ladytron
The Blue Wrath — I Monster
Graveyard Girl — M83
(movie trailer: Graveyard Tramps)
Bonin’ In the Boneyard — Fishbone
Skeleton Jangle — The Original Dixieland Jass Band
Please, Mr. Gravedigger — David Bowie
(montage contains elements of All Saints — David Bowie)
Poor Skeleton Steps Out — XTC
Rockin’ Bones — The Cramps
It’s Your Funeral — Alex Chilton
I’m A Mummy — The Fall
Monster (rock mix) — The Automatic Automatic
Cherry’s Dance of Death — Chingon
Halloween On The Barbary Coast — The Flaming Lips
Lady Frankenstein, sequence 1 — Alessandro Alessandroni
All Soul’s Night — Loreena McKennit


Halloween Mix 06 (Here Comes the Fear Again) (1:18:34)

Halloween Is Black As Night — Jackson C. Frank
(montage includes elements of Ny Batteri — Sigur Ros)
Release The Bats! — The Birthday Party
The Fear — Pulp
Bumble Bee Boogie — Floyd Cramer
(montage: screams and groans from Thrilling Chilling Sounds of the Haunted House)
Trick Or Treat — Otis Redding
Big Top Halloween — The Afghan Whigs
Demon Days Intro — Gorillaz
Is There A Ghost? — Band Of Horses
Werewolf — The Frantics
The Horror — Spacehog
Mr. Death — Life In A Blender
Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead) — Zombina and the Skeletones
Re: Your Brains — Jonathan Coulton
Ghost of a Texas Ladies’ Man — Concrete Blonde
Night of the Vampire — The Moontrekkers
Lovely Creature — Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
The Killer Moon (single mix) — T Bone Burnett
(montage: The Haunted HouseThrilling Chilling Sounds of the Haunted House)
Thriller — Michael Jackson
Suspiria (main title) — Goblin
(montage: Burned at the StakeSounds of Terror!)
All You Zombies — The Hooters
Sister Moon — Sting
Godzilla — Blue Oyster Cult
For Halloween — No Kids

Still from MAD MONSTER PARTY, character designs by Jack Davis

Halloween Mix 07 (Meet Ze Monsta) (1:15:57)

(excerpt: Charles Bukowski reading “I Believe In Evil”)
Hells Bells — AC/DC
Bela Lugosi’s Dead (12″ mix) (excerpt) — Bauhaus
Who Was In My Room? — Butthole Surfers
Pumpkin — Starlight Mints
I’m A Vampire — Future Bible Heroes
Toccata (excerpt) – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
(montage with Godzilla SFX)
Meet Ze Monsta — PJ Harvey
Creature From the Black Lagoon — Dave Edmunds
Monsters Cry Too — Ian McGlynn
Too Much Blood — The Rolling Stones
(sound clip: The Simpsons)
Jack, You’re Dead! — Louis Jourdan and His Orchestra
Bone Jump (excerpt) — Brian Eno
The Skeleton Fight — Mack Allen Smith
The Spider and the Fly — The Dakotas
Indiana Moon — Hector Zazou with Lisa Germano
(montage: Welcome To Night Vale excerpt)
Stud Spider — Tony Joe White
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah — Tracy Morgan  (30 Rock OST)
Monster — Lady Gaga
The Haunted House of Rock (parts I & II) — Whodini

Illustration for THE INVISIBLES by Chris Weston (

Halloween Mix 8 (Run the Voodoo Down) (1:11:05)

Fistful of Terror — The Bomboras
Zombie Stomp — Ozzy Osbourne
Voodoo People (Pendulum remix) — The Prodigy
Night Parade — Robbie Robertson
Rattle My Bones and Shiver My Soul — The Waterboys
Voodoo Lady — Ween
Turkish Song of the Damned — The Pogues
(montage: ShipwreckChilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House)
Death Ship — The Hoodoo Gurus
Salaisia KyyneleitÁ¤ (excerpt) — Loituma
I Spent the Night in the Wax Museum — Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis
Safari — Goblin
(montage: I’m Hungry — Arch Oboler’s Drop Dead!)
Sugar Is Sweeter — CJ Bolland
Twilight Zone — The Ventures
Marie La Veau — Papa Celestin’s New Orleans Band
The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati — Rose and the Arrangement
The Night Last Night — Mark Ronson and the Business Int’l.
The Conqueror Worm — Ken Nordine
(montage contains elements of At Night — Peter Gabriel)
Apples On A Stick — Crossover
Sugar Assault Me Now — Pop Levi
Beware Of Darkness (edit) — Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
The Saints Are Coming (edit) — U2 with Green Day

Illustration for CREEPY by Enric Torres-Prat (

Halloween Mix 09 (My Baby Gives Me Shivers) (1:11:54)

(excerpt: The Haunter of the Dark)
The Night — School of Seven Bells
Bones BugalÁ¹ — Gabriel Rios
Spooky Scary Skeletons — Andrew Gold
The Rockin’ Zombie — The Crewnecks
(movie trailer: Lady Frankenstein)
Frankenstein’s Daughter — The Waxing Poetics
Wolf — Nash the Slash
(montage: The Werewolf AttacksSounds of Terror!)
Mr. Were-Wolf — The Kac-Ties
Superstition — Stevie Wonder
Shivers — The Boys Next Door
Ghost Á¡ Go-Go (edit) — Richard Rome
(montage: Horror of the Zombies trailer)
Worms — The Pogues
Exquisite Dead Guy — They Might Be Giants
Mama Loi, Papa Loi — Exuma the Obeah Man
Dry Bones Twist — The Drivers
The Ghost In You — The Psychedelic Furs
Disguises — The Who
Silver Shamrock Song  — John Carpenter (Halloween III OST)
The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (edit) — XTC
Decomposing Pumpkins — Brainkrieg
Watch Out You’re Dead — A House
Walkin’ After Midnight — Cowboy Junkies
(montage: 9th Street Bridge — Bill Cosby)
Spookie Movies — Gary Paxton
Terror! — The Rakes
Monsters Rule OK — The Viewers

Photo by Andrew Trousdell (

Halloween Mix 10 (I Love the Dead) (1:19:24)

For Annie (excerpt) — Gavin Friday
(montage contains elements of Psycho OST)
Haunted — The Pogues
The Ghost of You Lingers — Spoon
Howling For You — The Black Keys
I’m the Wolf Man — Round Robin
Bad Moon Rising — Creedence Clearwater Revival
Masquerade — Ashley Tisdale
Nervous Night — The Hooters
(film trailer: Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde)
Doctor Jekyll et Monsieur Hyde — Les Sans Culottes
The Devil In Me (edit) — John Wesley Harding
Black Rite (edit) — Mandingo
(montage with Exorcising Evil Spirits from the Pentagon — The Fugs)
Still I’m Sad — The Yardbirds
I Want My Baby Back — Jimmy Cross
Skeleton Bride — My Heart Belongs To Cecelia Winter
Dig Up Her Bones — The Misfits
I Put A Spell On You — Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Here Comes the Bride (of Frankenstein) — Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
Vampire Girl — Jonathan Richman
Return of the Vampire — The Moontrekkers
Dracula’s Pajama PartyMr. Show with Bob and David OST
The Spider and the Fly — Bobby Christian and the Allen Sisters
Witchcraft — Helen O’Connell
Dolls — Human Sexual Response
Jack the Ripper Sounds of Terror!
(montage contains elements of The Day the Earth Stood Still OST)
Jack the Ripper in the Moulin Rouge — John Cale
Sleeping With Your Devil Mask — Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
After Halloween — Fairport Convention

All mixes lovingly curated and artisanally mixed, just for you, by your boy Jack Feerick. Special thanks to Andrew Weiss, Ben Haggar, all the illustrators, and all Night People everywhere. Enjoy responsibly.

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