Minneapolis-based folk/pop songwriter Jonathan Rundman will end a decade-long break between studio albums of new material with a new album, entitled Look Up, in 2014. The record is currently being crowdfunded at PledgeMusic.com.

For Look Up, Rundman convened at the Library Studio in Minneapolis with producer Matt Patrick (John Mark Nelson) and a band that included drummer Steve Goold (Sara Bareilles), guitarist Tyler Burkum (Leagues), guitarist Jasper Nephew (Owl City), and bassist Ian Allison (Jeremy Messersmith). Guest stars include power pop legend Parthenon Huxley (ELO, Eels) and neuroscientist/musician Daniel Levitin (author of This Is Your Brain On Music).


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The last time Jonathan Rundman released a studio album of all-new songs was in 2004. After moving to Minneapolis from Chicago, Rundman declared his Minnesota citizenship with the launch of Public Library, recorded with Americana stalwarts the Silos. The album generated much acclaim in magazines like Paste and Performing Songwriter, and it appeared on the City Pages Top-10 Local Albums of 2004 list.

After the release of Public Library, Rundman became a new father, retired from the road, and spent the next several years at home with his growing family.

In 2010 Jonathan Rundman found himself back on the stage and in the studio with the Finnish-American folk duo Kaivama. Playing traditional and progressive Nordic fiddle tunes, this unlikely musical detour spun into a whirlwind of North American tours, acclaimed album releases, international collaborations with other musicians, and headlining shows at the Cedar Cultural Center. The Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote in Summer of 2013, “Over the past three years, no Minnesota folk group has proven more ambitious or accomplished than the Finnish-American duo, Kaivama.”

Now in 2014, after a decade of parenthood and a deep exploration of his Finnish heritage, Jonathan Rundman re-emerges as a singer/songwriter. The Look Up album draws from Rundman’s formative years listening to ’80s New Wave and arena rock, and is also influenced by the mystery and melancholia of Finland’s folk tradition. After much musical and personal evolution, Rundman remains one of the country’s most ingenious and persistent independent songwriters.

To contribute to the Look Up campaign, visit Rundman’s PledgeMusic page here.

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